Amulet Pendants

Wheel of Law Buddha amulet Buddha Mantra Amulet Wheel of Law Buddha Amulet Amulet Dharmachakra Wheel Buddha Brass Setting Amulet Happy Buddha Amulet Buddha balance Amulet Old Terracotta Amulet Amulet Standing Buddha Mantra Buddha Amulet Amulet Dharmachakra Wheel Ganesha Amulet Shells  Sand Bronze Buddha Amulet Monk Protection Amulet Bohdi Amulet Thailand Teaching Buddha Amulet Walking Buddha Amulet Black Buddha Thailand Amulet Reincarnation Amulet 9 buddha Buddha Amulet Thailand Phra Pidta Buddha amulet Buddha Amulet Terra Phra Somdej Amulet

Pendants and old Buddha amulets

All cabinets are original, made from copper or solid silver, sometimes gold, and many are beautifully hand engraved. The Little-Buddha pendant jewellery line is a combination of amulets with vintage aspects
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