Wristmala with Tara Buddha Amulet

Wristmala with Tara Buddha Amulet

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Wristmala with Tara Buddha Amulet

Tara is in Tibet the female Buddha and in China she is called Kwan Yin, the goddess of compassion. Tara has many appearances, but often she is portrayed sitting on a rock, raised one leg to jump immediately if she can help. On the polsmala is Kwan Yin depicted, in text and image. The amulet puts Tara on the rock.

At the top is the infinite knot. His infinite pattern is a symbol of birth and death and for infinity of life. Tara has made the vow not reincarnate or become Buddha before all the suffering from the world has been helped. This polsmala consists of 14 beads and one the main bead 15th bead also called stupa, the sumeru, bindu, or guru bead.

It's a polsmala that you can wear because it's beautiful, for the positive effect, but also for prayer or meditation, allowing you to let the beads go through your fingers and say the mantra of compassion To Mani Padme Hung or another mantra or prayer. The counting should always begin at the bead next to the sumeru.

You can do that quietly in a peaceful place, but also when you're on the train. You can do this for another person, or for a group of people, for a country an animal, but also for yourself.

The mantra of compassion or it can of course be your own mantra. e.g. can I have peace in my heart or a a calm mind.

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