Moonstone Silver Bracelet
Moonlight Bracelet

Number: A025
Euro 145.00
Moonstone and Jade Buddha Bracelet

With the moonstone, you carry the power of the moon with you. You can charge the stone in moonlight. Of old, the moon has been a symbol for the feminine. Moonstone also takes away emotional barriers. White moonstone beads of 10 mm have been processed in this double bracelet, along with slightly greyer moonstone drops of 24 mm. The stone is slightly transparent. The color of moonlight.

Jade is the stone of wisdom and brown Jade helps you to understand your dreams. The old Buddha head is carved from jade. The large silver beads have been decorated with Buddhist motifs and are handmade.

The bracelet and the Buddha head are in beautiful harmony, with regard to color and effect.

The bracelet is approximately 20 cm long, but can be made longer or shorter upon request for free.

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