Rainbow Tourmaline Bracelet

Rainbow Tourmaline Bracelet

Number: A042
Euro 125.00

Rainbow Tourmaline with 5 amulets

A unique bracelet with 19th century silver amulets from India

Beautiful quality Rainbow Tourmaline combined with from left to right; an amulet of the goddess Durga. She is the great Hindu Mother goddess. Her name means "she who difficult approachable" or the "inaccessible", she is the embodiment of the anger of the gods. Durga is an invincible martial goddess, she fights against the male demons who threaten the world order. They will protect you.

The following is the Moon amulet and is a symbol of the feminine energy and purity.

Then comes an amulet with a tattooed mantra. A prayer.

The following amulet is the Sun and represents the male energy. In all the gods is the male and female energy.

The last amulet is the Monkey god Habib. A famous general you can rely on and support. He is also known as the bearer of the medication that you need.

Tourmaline works grounding, protective and cleansing.

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