Ancient Pink Coral Ruby bracelet Amazonite bracelet 6 Eyes DZI Amulet Tiger Eye for protection Turquoise and ohms Happy Buddha Bracelet Yakbone Bracelet White Yakbone Bralet Brown Lotus Wrist Mala heaven bracelet turquoise Amethyst Bracelet Rockefeller Dharmachakra Wheel Bracelet Moonlight Silver Bracelet Bracelet Tibet Turkoois Aventurine Bracelet Rudraksha Wrist Mala Bracelet Varja Amulet Bracelet Nepal Tibetan Love Bracelet Wristmala with Tara Buddha Amulet Buddha-for-You set Multicolour Bracelet Multicolour Bracelet Taming Tiger Bracelet protection bracelet elephant hair Buddha-for-You Amethyst Bracelet Buddha-For-You Rose quarts

I design and hand make these Little-Buddha bracelets in my own studio. I try to find exactly what fits you, stone by stone. Feel free to come and have a look, this way you can feel and see which stone suits you. Your bracelet can be made according to your wishes directly. The existing designs on the website can be made shorter or longer if desired and the amulets can be placed on different bracelets.
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