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The Little-Buddha collection originates from my fascination for crystals and semi-precious stones and the inspiration from the spiritual side of Buddhism.

Buddha gemstones Jade Turquoise Tigers Eye These two passions of mine create a beautiful harmonious balance. After all, the antique amulets have a powerful protective effect for all who wear them from the heart and that is also true for all the used precious stones. The effect of stones has been known since the time of the Pharaohs. I always ensure that the combination of the amulet or talisman is in complete harmony with the chosen gemstone.

My love for beautiful stones goes back to my childhood. When I was a little girl, I roamed collections and trade fairs to spend my pocket money on the most beautiful crystals available. Now, on my travels through Tibet, Nepal, Burma, Laos and Cambodia, I visit the places where, for example, Tourmaline or Turquoise are found, and where the rough stones are processed by hand into beautiful beads by the local population. The advantages of my direct import are not only the low prices and the fact that the local population benefits directly from it, it also prevents imitation! Additionally, part of the profit is given to charity. Furthermore, no child labour was used.

But, nowadays we also appear to have a spiritual deficiency. During my travels through Asia, I was repeatedly moved by the power that Buddha offers to millions of people every day.

Buddha amulet pendant silver cabin Every Tibetan knows of the healing properties of Turquoise. This stone was worn as a healing amulet in Antiquity. In its natural rough form and as a hand-polished bead, the effect of the Turquoise is the same for everyone who wears it. In these technological times, we are increasingly removed from what Mother Nature, as a healer, can offer us. Therefore, Little-Buddha Collection, with bracelets and necklaces with a contemporary look, offers the possibility to once again apply this old knowledge in a practical way.

I visit many monasteries and sometimes the monks make miniature Buddha's that are blessed and serve as a personal protection and talisman. It is an old custom to wear little figurines around your neck on a leather lace or on a necklace made of gemstones.

The oldest statues of Buddha were made in Gandhara (Pakistan) 2000 years ago and those wear necklaces with Buddha-amulets. But even nowadays it is hot to wear an antique or new amulet for protection in Thailand.

The most beautiful bronze, wooden, stone figurines and clay-tablets are blessed and placed in a small silver or gold cabinet to take with you and guard you from danger. This can be for instance, in traffic, on travels, or at night while you sleep. Our personal Buddha watches over us.

I find the small Buddha-amulets on local marketplaces and nearly all are old or antique. I choose only the figurines that have been crafted and blessed by monks.

All cabinets are original, made from copper or solid silver, sometimes gold, and many are beautifully hand engraved. The Little-Buddha jewellery line is a combination of gemstones with vintage aspects.

Every jewel is handmade. This is a unique chance to pamper yourself, or to give as a gift to those you hold dear.

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