Vajra Amulet

Vajra Amulet

Number: G026
Euro 75.00

Vajra Amulet

Silver necklace with a silver Vajra amulet.

Vajra in Sanskrit is both lightning bolt as diamond and is considered as a spiritual attribute, mainly in Buddhism but also in Hinduism.

The same word in Tibetan is Dorje that too much as men name. It often also refers to a small scepter used by Tibetan Tantric practitioners in the right hand is held during ceremonies.

The Vajra destroys all types of ignorance. In Tantric rituals he symbolizes the male principle for methodology and compassion, while the corresponding call in the left hand the feminine principle and wisdom. Interaction of the two leads to enlightenment.

The Vajra is also a symbol of Tibetan Buddhism.

The silver necklace is made in Italy. Length 50 cm.

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