DZI or GZI braceletDZI or GZI bracelet

DZI or GZI bracelet

Number: G053
Euro 125.00

DZI protection amulet from Tibet with bone ingraved mantra beads

It is said that this would be the most powerful amulet in the world. For a Tibetan, this amulet is more precious than diamond.

These amulets were made for 5,000 years back in the Indus Valley from Carneol and Agaat. These Gzi amulets were already carried in the Himalayas well before Buddhism came in. The Tibetans cherish these amulets for the protection against disease, lightning, evil spirits, accident and evil influences of the planets.

They are made of agate and glass. Want to know more about the extremely special amulet, at the bottom of this page you will find all the information.

The bracelet of yakbeen is for a wrist of 19 to 20 cm, if you have a different size (tightly measured) please let us know.

A powerful protector with a wonderful beauty.


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