Phra Pitta power amulet Phra Pitta power amulet

Phra Pitta power amulet

Number: G061
Euro 145.00

Phra Pitta power amulet

Phra Pitta amulet for strength and protection on a strong chain.

This Thai amulet is often worn by Thai boxers. With eyes for the eyes this amulet says "Look deep within yourself, because there you find the strength to overcome".

The amulet is made in a monastery. It is beautifully put in silver by a silversmith, who himself has also been a monk.

The silver chain is 60 cm, but another size is also possible. The necklace is provided with a layer of white gold (rhodinated) so that it does not turn black.

You better not swim and shower with this amulet to prevent discoloration.

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