wrist mala buddha amulet

Wrist Mala with Buddha Amulet

Number: M022
Euro 39.50

Wrist mala with an old Tara-amulet from Thailand

Mala with the eternal knot Shrivasta

These wrist malas are made from beautiful hardwood! On the beads are alternating images of Tara sat on a lotus throne and the Chinese symbol for Tara (Kwan Yin the Feminine Buddha). So this mala will bring a double amount of luck.

On the upside the eternal knot can be found. This never ending pattern is the symbol for birth and death and the eternity of life. The bracelet consists of 14 beads and a main bead, the 15th bead. This is also called a stupa, the sumeru, bindu, or guru bead.

It is a wrist mala that can be worn because it is beautiful, for the positive effect, but also for the use in prayer or meditation where you let the beads slide through your fingers and at each bead the mantra of compassion Om Mani Padme Hung is said or a different mantra or prayer. The counting of the beads should always begin at the bead next to the sumeru.

You can do this in silence at a peaceful place, but you can also do this when you're sitting in the train. You can do this for another person, a group of people, for a country, for an animal, but also for yourself.

The mantra of compassion or it can, of course, also be your own mantra. For instance; may I get peace in my heart or, for example, a calm spirit.

This wrist mala has been fitted with an old and authentic Tara amulet of metal with a messing setting, for extra luck and protection..

I have been able to find only a limited number of amulets. The measurements can vary a bit. But the average is 24 mm. The beads are approximately 15 mm thick and have been thread on elastic with a double thread.

The mala is thread on double elastic.

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