Ginger Wrist Mala with Amulet Ginger Wrist Mala with Amulet

Ginger wrist mala with amulet

Number: M026
Euro 39.50

Ginger wrist mala with terracotta Buddha amulet

A very special wrist mala made of 14 ginger wood beads. When you rub the beads together you can smell the sweet scent of ginger. It is said that ginger is good against painful joints and muscles and is also active against a cold and the flu. The beads are 15 mm and engraved with Buddhist symbols. Please note, the color of the wood can change when using synthetic soap. The knot on the Stupa-bead is the symbolical "eternal knot". The mala is strung on elastic.

The Buddha-amulet is made of baked clay and the soft color is beautiful with the ginger wood. The small amulet is caught in a metal frame. Because it is easily damaged a plastic sheet is made in front of it. Buddha sits on a throne. With his right hand he makes the sign of "teaching".

Buddha is in perfect balance and this will help the bearer of the amulet to be in balance as well.

This bracelet and the amulet are an exceptionally nice combination.

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