Mala of Yak bone Mala of Yak bone

Mala of Yak bone

Number: M029
Euro 19.50

Yak bone Mala 108 beads

The tradition of Malas of bone is as old as Buddhism itself. Bone beads are becoming more beautiful by years of use and of course go a long time.
The beads are strung on purple silk and there are also the brushes. Left and right are 2 strands knotted with any 10 conter rings to the number of prayer.
The ends of these are equipped with a John (diamond sceptre) and Ganta (a Bell).
The John symbolizes the male and is for the road, the Ganta symbolizes the female and stands for the wisdom and the purpose.
Scepter and call together lead to enlightenment. "Off and purpose are one".

The length is about 80 cm.

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