Japamala Tourmaline Raktu Holy Seed Rudraksha Mala Morganite Japamala Wrist mala Wengé wood Jasper Mala Tibet Rhinestone Mala Tibet Japamala Moss Agate Japamala Labradorite Mala 54  prayer beads Prayer Beads Moonstone Prayer Beads Rose Quartz XXL Love Mala Black Buddha eyes 	Mala Buddha Eyes For meditation and peace Mantra Mala Mala with Vajra and Ghanta Mala India Rudraksha Japamala Spiritual Rudraksha Mala White Mala Yak bone bodhi mala Mala of Yak bone ginger wrist mala Black Japamala from Thailand yakbone mala tibet mala from nepal mala eyes of buddha mala with inlaid beads Brown Japamala Yak horn japamala mala eyes of buddha Mala with Silver and coral Set Tulsi Yoga Mala Black Tulsi Mala Orange Tulsi Mala Greene Tulsi Mala Red Tulsi Mala White Tulsi Mala Mala of blond wood Mala of blond wood

Malas - Malas necklaces and wrist malas

A Mala originally is a prayer strand with 108 beads, but nowadays it's also in to wear it as a necklace or bracelet.
Read more about the Mala here All malas are authentic, handmade and blessed by monks.

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