Gau Nepal Gau Nepal
Gau from Nepal

Number: K006
Euro 275.00

Beautiful Gau from Nepal to a mysterious necklace

This amulet is handmade in Nepal. It is a silver Gau in  the holy shape of the Flower of life. Inlaed with Red Jaspis

Drunvalo Melchizedek wrote about this beautiful flower:
'A bright and sacred light shines in our heart which gives hope to the whole world and to you personally. Ascension to higher spiritual worlds is not only a process which can be attained by saints, but also by those who chose to live from the heart. Ascension can be attained without leaving this world. For a long time we have forgotten that the outer world is merely a reflection of our inner world.'

The Gau can open. You may save anything that holy to you. Red Jasper is the most dynamic and energizing Jasper kind. It works strong grounding and promote the energy flow by blockages to break through the lower chakras. The stones work heating and provide the body of energy. They help you in promoting your strength and willpower and perseverance. The necklace is of an old stone which alchemists gold road the small Golden stone is called flonkeringen. In the us is called the stone quite appropriate ' Star Dust '. The neckalace is 73 cm long, but is free on request longer or shorter.

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