Larimar and Maitreya amulet Larimar and Maitreya amulet

Larimar and Maitreya amulet

Number: K007
Euro 450.00

Larimar and Maitreya amulet

Larimar necklace with Maitreya Amulet for meditation and protection.

Beautiful Thai amulet, made in a monastery of shells sand and Binder. Pictured here is Maitreya, the Buddha of the future, the Messiah to come. An amulet that gives confidence in later and now all tranquility and balance. The silver setting is an ode to this Buddha and the shape is that of a cross-section of a Holy Stupa. On the back is a beautiful Stupa. Larimar is a very rare and precious stone with a powerful force and is only found in the southwest of the Dominican Republic. By Larimar is said to mental and spiritual strength. It helps you to take control of your life and to with changes to go. It allows for inner peace, clarity and balance and is self-destructive behavior and a victim stance against. The stone helps with anxiety, stress, guilt and extreme emotions (and thus also for bipolar disorders) and helps to break through blockages. The stone put into action but also stimulates to let things run their course if necessary. Larimar promotes deep meditation and helps make contact with guides and Angels.

This necklace is 80 cm long

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