turquoise gzi amulet necklace turquoise gzi amulet necklace

GZI Amulet Necklace

Number: K013
Euro 295.00

Turquoise necklace with antique GZI amulet "Tibetan Diamond" M/F

It is said that this would be the most powerful amulet in the world. For a Tibetan this amulet is more precious than diamond.

The real origin of these amulets is shrouded in mystery. A fact is that these amulets in the Himalayas were carried far before Buddhism was introduced her. It is said that these amulets were made already 1000 years before Christ. The Tibetans cherish these amulets protected against diseases, lightning, evil spirits, misfortune and evil influences of planets.

They are made from agate and glass. Do you want to know more about the very special amulet, at the bottom of this page you will find all the information. This amulet is made of agate and is the eye of Buddha. The natural layers in the stone are so polished that it an eye is. The eye looks for you and protects you on your path. The amulet is about 60 years old and made in Tibet.

The Necklace (about 47 cm) is laced by genuine Tibetan Turquoise.

A powerful protector with a wondrous beauty. M/F

Gzi - The Tibetan diamond
By Giorgio Dallorto

Apart from its beauty, the value of a precious stone is determined by national and ethnic criteria. For example for many years jade has been considered as the most precious stone by Orientals, while it has long been classified by Westerners among the ordinary stones. The diamond which is now recognized around the world as the most precious and most exorbitantly priced gem was, in the past, considered to be equal in value to the ruby and emerald. For Tibetans, the most precious stone is neither the jade nor the diamond but the gzi to which are attributed all the characteristics of the amulet.


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