Necklace Inspiration Amethist Necklace Inspiration Amethist

Necklace Agate and Amethyst

Number: K040
Euro 175.00

Silver Handmade Amulet for Good Fortune - Inspiration Necklace Agaat and Amethyst

The solid silver amulet comes from Tibet. It is in the form of a lotus flower. In the centre is ohm, surrounded by the 8 signs of good fortune. This are the atributes of Ashtamangaladevi , de Goddess of good fortune.

The parasol, protection against evel. The banner, victory of Buddha's teachings. Conch, absence of all evil. Infinite knot, long life and a neverending love. The wheel, completion and salvation through Buddha's teachings. The vase with the water of immortality, spiritual waelth. Golden fish, salvation from suffering, fertility. The perfect Lotus, purity.

Fire Agate has a deep calming energy that brings security and safety. It is a protection stone with strong grounding powers. Fire agate is said to represent absolute perfection. It instills spiritual fortitude. The Amethyst stands for spiritual growth and protection.

These beautiful healing crystals are also known for bringing clarity of the mind to the owner. So it makes a perfect combination with working oft the Agaat.

The necklace is 67 cm..

Styling & production of the Happinez picture Cyn Ferdinandus, Photo Jeroen van der Spek

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