necklace citrine with ohm necklace citrine with ohm

Necklace Citrine with Ohm

Number: K047
Euro 345.00

Necklace Citrine with Ohm Amulet

Natural Citrine (not heated) with 18 carat gold Divine Ohm amulet.

Citrine is a stone that loosens creativity at all.
It is also the most important stone for the second chakra whose color is also yellow.
The stone of the imaginations of fantasy.
Einstein said imagination is more important than knowledge.
Citrine is good for your whole energy.
The stone is sunny and will give you a good mood and drives out dark thoughts and brings playfulness and happiness.

Affirmation I imagine open to the inspiration of my creative imagination, and by the power of my will, that the divine will is tuned I manifest my dreams.

Ohm is a sacred sound and vibration are brings peace and healing.
The chain is 43 cm. Of this necklace I have but 1

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