Ruby Necklace with Golden Buddha Ruby Necklace with Golden Buddha

Ruby Necklace with Golden Buddha

Number: K054
Euro 395.00

Ruby Necklace with Golden Buddha

Magnificent deep red Ruby necklace for the Heart Chakra with a shell sand Buddha Amulet in a 18 carat gold setting.

Here, Buddha gives a "teaching" from his heart. An outstanding and extremely detailed old amulet from Thailand. Made in a monastery and blessed by monks. At the back a protective sign was made for the one carrying it. The massive golden setting is a tribute to the Buddha.

Ruby gives strength and energy and is strongly activating (sometimes too much for sensitive people who easily become over-stimulated). The stone activates the heart chakra and stimulates passion, motivation, enthusiasm, spontaneity, sexual activity, a positive attitude and abundance. Ruby makes powerful and protects therefore against pshycological attacks and people who steal your energy. It enhances a clear, sharp vision, concentration, and helps to set realistic goals. Physically the stone gives also strength and vitality and helps against exhaustion and apathy. Ruby is detoxing.

This necklace is 40,5 cm long.

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