Necklace Blue Heaven Necklace Blue Heaven

Necklace Blue Heaven

Number: K067
Euro 250.00

Necklace Blue heaven

Meditating Buddha\'s meditation amulet with 10 a crack agate necklace.

This blue agate is briefly heated to the special comic effect. A heavenly color for a spiritual necklace. An ideal amulet to meditate.

On the beautiful amulet are 10 Buddhas in meditation. They stand for 10 lives that Buddha lived before he was Buddha. Buddha has 1000 life lived, but the last 9 a 10 are seen as the most important. So is this meditation amulet also for reincarnation and the wheel also symbolizes the Buddhist teachings. The old amulet is placed in silver by a silversmith who himself long monk.

This necklace is 56 cm.

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