Bodhi Tree Necklace Bodhi Tree Necklace Bodhi Tree Necklace

Bodhi Tree Necklace

Number: K088
Euro 745.00

Pink Morganiet necklace with pink gold amulet with the image of Buddha how sits meditating under the Bodhi tree

Buddha had already tried everything for enlightenment.. Fasting, yogan study the Scriptures and he visted all sorts of wise menand listened to their insights. But nothing brought a definitive answer to break from the circle of suffering and be born again and again. Finally he reached the enlightenment just by meditating under a tree. With his hand he touches to mother earth as a witness for his enlightenment.

This amulet symbolizes the power of the here and now of the contact with nature. That all answers lie within yourself and nothing outside of ourselves. If we pull back in nature for example under a tree and be quiet in ourselves. Only then will we be able to hear our inner voice and grow. We don't need to do anything special. Just ourselves in our natural state of being. A beautiful amulet meaning this story. Not ornamental but purity, peace and inner silence.

Morganiet teaches you love let you love received.

The necklace is 51 cm. The amulet is antique and the frame is 18 carat gold.

Under the influence of sunlight  Morganiet can get lighter of color.

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