Sapphire and Durka Sapphire and Durka

Sapphire and Durka

Number: K115
Euro 195.00

Sapphire and Durka

Necklace of blue sapphire from Kashmir with an antique silver Durka amulet from Rajasthan.

Sapphire has a strong effect on the psyche and brain. The stone has a calming effect, promotes mental health, wisdom and insight. Sapphire creates a clear mind and encourages sober, critical, purposeful and focused thinking. Blue sapphire also promotes love, truth and purity. The stone harmonizes the chakras and removes negative energy. Blue sapphire works strongly on the throat chakra (5th chakra), which has a positive effect on self-expression and communication and the thyroid gland.

The Durka amulet is from the 19th century. Durka is the armed Indian goddess who will protect you.

This necklace of beautiful facet cut genuine sapphires is 43.5 cm long.

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