Lord Shiva Nataraja Lord Shiva Nataraja

Lord Shiva Nataraja

Number: K116
Euro 85.00

Lord Shiva Nataraja

Mixed color Agate with a bronze Shiva amulet from India.

Agate is a grounding, stabilizing and protective stone. The stone promotes inner peace and is calming.

The cosmic dance of Lord Shiva is regarded as a symbol of the eternal movement of the universe. Because of the uniform rhythm of the dance, the universe moves. The flame of fire around him is energy in the purest form and is also the symbol for the sacred mantra OHM, the primal sound in the creation of the cosmos. The dwarf under Shiva's feet is the ignorance that is trampled on.

The drum in his hand symbolizes the merging of the male and female aspect in him. The sound of the drum indicates that sound is the source of creation and the god is the source of sound.

The fire in another palm pillar on its ability to destroy the universe. His forward hand in an elephant gesture points to his strength and his raised foot to deliverance.

A spiritual necklace that is very nice to wear. The length is 44 cm. Will be made free longer on request for free.

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