Majusri Carnelian Majusri Carnelian Majusri Carnelian

Majusri Carnelian

Number: K119
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Majusri Carnelian

Tibetan necklace of old Carnelian and Turquoise with a silver Gau Bodhisattva Majusri with on the back a Mantra.

As an offering to Manjusri, this amulet is filled with dried rose petals. But of course you can also do something that is sacred to you.

The keywords for Carnelian are; courage, vitality, sexuality, self-confidence and action.
The keywords for Turquoise are; wholeness, communication and spiritual expansion.
Together they form a sacred combination in Tibet.

Manjusri Bodhisattva is in Tibet considered as the oldest of all Bodhisattvas.

Manjusri is honored first in Tibet every morning because he drives out the dark every morning. He is considered the oldest Bodhisattva.

He is recognizable by his flaming sword (Khadga) in his right hand (his male side) with it destroying all ignorance and thus it is a symbol of enlightenment. At his left shoulder (his female side) we see the white lotus (Padma) It is the symbol of purity. His waving scarf is symbolic of his swirling spirit.

The necklace is 65 cm.

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