Amber - Copal Necklace Amber - Copal Necklace

Amber - Copal Necklace

Number: K123
Euro 175.00

Amber - Copal Necklace

An old amber / Copal necklace with a Tibetan gilt bead.

Amber converts negative energy into positive energy and makes you happy.

Amber works cleansing and protective. The powerful but gentle energy of this stone brings balance in the (energy) body and helps to reduce negative emotions and emotional and physical pain. It makes you happy, stable and resilient and gives you confidence.

The central bead is made of silver which is gilded. The image on 2 sides is a deer between floral motif. The deer is the symbol for Buddhism here. Buddha found his enlightenment when he sat meditating in the deer park.

The necklace is 60 cm, but can also be made shorter on request.

Frame Ketting


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