Chakra rings *t Old Tibet ring Turquoise Ring Amber ring Tibet Blood coral Nepal Tibet Ring Blood Coral Diamond cut rock crystal Diamond Cut Mountain Crystal Diamond Cut Rock Crystal Traditional Nepal RIng Ring Morado Opal Old Nomad Ring Coral Ring Butterfly Ring Moonstone Double Coral Ring Cool Coral Ring Butterfly Ring Ring Black Magic Large Turkoois Ring Antique Coral Ring Turquoise Nepal Nepal Ring Ring Tibetan Red Coral Ring Antique red coral Ring Tibet Turquoise Amethyst Ring Nepal

Antique and traditional rings. Silver rings from Tibet, Nepal, Myanmar and Afghanistan

On my last trip through Asia I fell for the beautiful quality rings that are still for sale. What the rings from Tibet, Nepal, Myanmar and Afghanistan connect is the fantastic silver smithery. It's a bit ' hippie look ' but it is, of course, especially really traditional handiwork. Some rings are antiques, some are old, a few are also new, wbut in terms of quality not inferior. Most of the rings are worn by both men and women. The size will be adjusted for free.
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