Japanese Zen singing bowls Japanese Zen singing bowls Japanese Zen singing bowls
Japanese Zen singing bowls

Number: Y028
Euro 17.50
7e Chakra Euro 17.50
6e Chakra Euro 20.00
5e Chakra Euro 35.00
4e Chakra Euro 45.00
3e Chakra Euro 75.00
2e Chakra Euro 120.00
1e Chakra Euro 135.00

Japanese Singing Bowls

Japanese Zen singing bowls manufactured from 7 precious metals with a fantastic sound, are tailored to our 7 chakras.

This singing bowls are made of seven precious metals. First the metals are mixed and melted, then the material is rolled and pressed in a machine in the right form, finished, and polished. These popular Zen sound dishes are widely used in temples in Japan. They have a bright high sound. If you have multiple singing bowls put together they resonate, either you hit one singing bowl and the other go without saying sing along. The overtones are despite the small diameter of the scale to create easily and without much effort. You get an ironing wood gift.

Singing bowls where you know your life long.

Singing Bowl 7th Chakra (7 cm) Euro 17,50
Singing Bowl 6th Chakra (7,5 cm) Euro 20,00
Singing Bowl 5th Chakra (10,5 cm) Euro 35,00
Singing Bowl 4th Chakra (12 cm) Euro 45,00
Singing Bowl 3th Chakra (14 cm) Euro 75,00
Singing Bowl 2th Chakra (15 cm) Euro 120,00
Singing Bowl 1th Chakra (17.5 cm) Euro 135,00
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