Singing bowl Singing Bowl Set
Singing bowl

Number: Y031
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Singing bowl

Hand hammered Sound Bowl of 7 precious metals with a wonderful sound the manufacture of hammered singing bowl is a completely manual process. Each singing bowl is carefully in the right form hammered, with various stages through to the correct shape and a pure tone. In this process, first the different metals (copper, tin, iron, lead, gold and silver) melted in a furnace, depending on what the end product requires (copper and tin = bronze) are the main components, for the bronze scales, with very small percentages of the other metals for the seven metal scales. The molten metal is then removed from the furnace and poured into a mold, then drives from are cut from different diameters and thicknesses, which then can be processed further. Afterwards the discs with the hand hammered into the desired shape and size, after precise measurement and layout in weight. A piece or five disks are first laid on top of each other and in the oven heated to red hot, then one by one using a mold in Bowl form hammered. Skilled craftsmen can only do this if the metal is red hot, because if it cools down too much it becomes brittle and can crack, causing the scale becomes unusable. After the have their grove form begins the fine process of finishing. At this stage, each dish gets its own shape and size, and once again there is much fine hammer work involved, so should the scale be heated to red-hot again than to get exactly the right shape and sound. The following are the scales piece by piece from outside and from inside sanded and polished, and possibly with chisels edited, for the finishing touch.

The diameter is 14 cm height is 7 cm and the weight is about 630 grams.

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