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Fair Trade Yoga mats made in India

Fair Trade Yoga mats and Yoga bags made in India
In our hectic world I've opted for delicious moments of silence for me to meditate daily, combined with my passion for yoga. Further to deepen me in yoga, I am into the yoga teacher training in Antwerp. 
During my lesson I shared a moment for a meditation the mat of my neighbour. It was pure relaxation. After class I asked her what special yoga mat was hers. 
She showed a beautiful mat of the brand Holistic Silk, where in the top layer lavender was processed. That gave me that special sensation of tranquillity, balance and relaxation. But also of the finish, choice of material and beautiful colour combinations I was greatly impressed. 
The next day I called to order such a mat. When I was told that it is 100% fair-trade, I asked and was allowed to sell their beautiful products on the internet and in my shop in Antwerp.

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